Instructionally Appropriate IEP's

An Instructionally Appropriate IEP (IAIEP) is an educational plan written specifically for a student deemed eligible for special education intervention that:

  1. Identifies the child's areas of mastery and those specific skill deficits that negatively impact them in the general education setting.

  2. Contains observable and measurable goals that target those skill deficits that impede the students progress in mastering core content.

  3. Uses the measureable annual goals to drive intervention with the desired outcome of closing the students educational gaps as compared with their nondisabled peers.

The training modules listed below take each section of the IAIEP and provides information that will, hopefully enhance your knowledge and understanding of the IEP process. To access each module just click the links below.

Introduction to IAIEP's

Module 1: Narratives

Module 2: Present Level of Educational Performance

Module 3: Special Factors

Module 4: Pre-School Transition

Module 5: Transition Services

Module 6: Measurable Annual Goals

Module 7: Accommodations, Modifications, Mandated Testing

Module 8: Least Restrictive Environment, Special Education Services, Related Services, Special Transportation

Module 9: Progress Monitoring & Extended School Year (ESY)

Module 10: IEP Participants & Informed Parental Consent